The Ah-Ha Moment

Life is funny …If you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.

I have lived my life believing I was doing what I loved it provided me a living and supported my boys with a good life. All the while knowing God was directing my path. I was blessed to have the life I wanted but deep down I didn’t believe in myself enough to be valued at the level of financial success. I never felt valued as an artist because I was just poking flowers it came easy to me and brought me joy it can’t be worth much when it comes so easy. Little did I realize not everyone could do it. So that does give it value.

Pastor Adam gave us a sermon on Bezalel and how God demanded him to go and create something beautiful as written in Exodus 31:1-3. He then explained how we with our gifts we should go and teach others to make beautiful things Exodus 35: 30-35. When I heard this the lightbulb went off and I realized that God has gifted me with the ability to create and teach.

I have been creative all my life I owned a flower shop and design school for over 30 years. I taught other artists the business of art all the while not recognizing myself as an artist. I find joy in providing people with beautiful flowers, mostly I love teaching people to create themselves to find the joy of creating their own masterpiece whether that is a flower arrangement or a painting that I never thought I could do. However, I can I have my own style and can teach it. I love seeing others succeed in being creative. I am so happy to now realize God honors this ability and I need to embrace, value, and share this.

I knew in this phase of my life I needed to be creative and wanted to find a way to travel, teach and share what has been gifted to me. My goal with all of this is that I want to teach online and in person classes in several mediums of arts and crafts. I want to travel to places where I can do these classes in person all the while continuing to have an online presence with my mobile studio. Finally, I want to share my faith with others, to show how God wants us all to make and have a beautiful life.

Recently I taught a painting class that included a cross and Bible passage. It was so fun to see everyone take the process I was teaching and do their own thing. They were all beautiful and the ladies want more classes.

I’m on my way to my beautiful life. Thank you, God, for the wisdom and ability to fallow my dreams, to help others see beauty in what you have created for all of us. To show others we are created in your image to be a creator.

If you would like to hear Adam’s sermon it can be found here.