Have you thought about your why and your purpose?

As I have matured it has become more important for me to understand mine and follow that path.

I have always been in the creative sector my high school jobs included working for both a photographer and for a flower shop which held my interest for more than 30 years. I opened my first flower shop along with my mom at 19. We had that shop for 17 years we moved three times survived a fire and chose to close in 1990 during the oil field bust our town lost population and I needed to be financially stable. I then moved with my 2 boys to a Billings to support the boys and move on as a single mom. I worked for a short time for a flower shop and decided I was better at working for myself, so I opened another shop that I soon turned into a design school. The only one between Denver and Seattle. I loved teaching people to open their own shops or go to work in one. My why was I needed to provide for my family and my purpose was there was a need, and I could fill it.

My family has grown to include wives and grandkids. They are taking care of themselves so my why and purpose has changed. I have learned to be ready to see the opportunities presented and be able to change when need be.

Why started The Creative Crafter:

I want the freedom to work for myself when and where I need to be, I want to share the gifts that I have been given to make beautiful things and I want the ability to share my faith with those who want to hear how blessed we are. My whys give me the purpose I need to fulfill my heart.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you through this virtual world. Stay tuned for updates and instructions along the adventure. I invite you to share your whys with me here.

Mom to 2 boys, 5 granddaughters, Bonus mom to 1 daughter to an amazing mom and child of God.