Newest Adventure

Good Morning past, present, and future friends….

I am excited to announce my newest adventure. Those that know me know how I love sharing the talents that I have been blessed with.

I have wanted to travel for years but life has happened, I would not change a thing however the time is now. I have found a way to fulfill that dream and you can be part of it. Creative Crafting with a Kause, yes that is misspelled – my philosophy is if you can only spell a word one way you are not very creative! LOL

I have been fortunate to find a couple of online teachers that have showed me a way to teach and travel. My online business will include a way to share my faith, the talents I have been given and an opportunity to do a projects with you that you can start and finish. No more closets of UFP’s (Un-Finished Projects).

“How can you help me” you ask?

I will be offering a special founding membership opportunities soon. At that time, my website fully launched, will deliver many amazing crafting projects. If you visit our facebook page, there are sneak previews for you to view.